Arriving Stateside in One Week

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We’re headed to the States for home assignment in less than a week!

We’ll be based in Morgan Hill, California for the bulk of our stay, but here is the outline of our current schedule:

Feb. 26th – Arrive in the Bay Area, California

Mar. 1st – Nathan preaches at Lone Hill Church – 9:30AM – 5055 Lone Hill Road, Los Gatos, CA

Mar. 2nd – Nathan at The Master’s Academy International Symposium in LA, CA

Mar. 3rd-6th – Nathan at the Shepherd’s Conference, Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, CA

Mar. 8th – Nathan preaching at Valley Bible Church – 9:00AM – 8212 Louise Ave, Northridge, CA

Mar. 23rd – Christiana sharing her testimony with Mothering by Heart at West Hills Community Church, Morgan Hill, CA

Apr. 6th-25th – in LA area visiting family, friends and supporters

May 1st-5th – In Montana visiting Cornerstone Community Church, 4525 Grand Ave. Billings, MT

May 3rd – Nathan preaching at Cornerstone Community Church – 10:00AM – 4525 Grand Ave. Billings, MT

May 17th – Nathan preaching at Trinity Bible Church – 4:00PM – 305 West Main Ave. Morgan Hill, CA

Jun. 7th – Nathan preaching at West Hills Community Church – 9:00AM and 10:45AM – 16695 DeWitt Ave. Morgan Hill, CA

Jun. 14th – Nathan preaching at West Hills Evergreen – 10:00AM – 4860 San Felipe Road San Jose, CA

July 5th-15th – Attending Action International Ministry’s Jubilee Celebration and International Council Meetings, Three Hills, Alberta, Canada

July 25th – Return to Cambodia

We still have many dates available if you’re interested in setting up a time for us to share at your church or Bible Study. We love to tell people about our precious Cambodia–why the Gospel is so desperately needed here and what we are doing, by God’s grace, to help bring Christ to the Khmer people. If you would like to partner with us in this way, please email us at [email protected]

What does home-assignment feel like? I think Christiana put it very well:

“Thrilled to see family and friends in America (especially for them to meet Baby John and for my kids and Nate to meet our three nieces who were born last year!), but sad to leave our friends here in Cambodia (and some dear friends will be gone when we return); ecstatic to miss hot season AND dengue season for the first time and really excited to experience our first American spring in five years (yay for flowers blooming and non-humid rain!); sad to leave the familiarity and comfort of our personal home/space, but excited to spend quality time with family in their homes; happy to leave our current mosquito infestation, and really happy to go to a place where the scariest communicable disease seems to be measles; beyond excited to leave our noisy, often-keeps-me-up-all-night neighborhood, but worried that our kids will have difficulty transitioning to a world that is still so unfamiliar to them; thrilled for our children to experience the wonder of libraries and beautiful outdoor parks; sad to miss the amazing play spaces that we have here at many cafes and restaurants (seriously, America, why hasn’t this caught on!); ecstatic to be in a place where we can enjoy good medical and emergency services, bummed to leave a place where I can get a $10 massage and a $3 pedicure (or cheaper!); happy to drive “normally” again in America, scared to drive “normally” in America…especially those crazy fast freeways! (we don’t usually drive more than 35 mph here, but it’s always an adventure!); excited to live in a place where there are no bars on the windows and doors and the threat of robbery is very slight (at least in the town where our parents live), but a little afraid that we’ll experience a major earthquake in California (they seem to be increasing exponentially, ha ha). So yes, many different emotions as we anticipate our time in the States. We would greatly appreciate your prayers as we travel (especially with all of the recent Asian plane crashes…I’m a little more nervous than usual) and as we transition to the States for the next several months, particularly for our children. Our hope is that we’ll experience sweet memories with friends and family, have the opportunity to tell many about the incredible need for the transforming power of the Gospel in Cambodia (and find some who are willing to join us!), and have hearts, bodies and minds that are refreshed and renewed to continue the ministry and life that the Lord has called us to.” 

We look forward to seeing many of you on the American side soon!

Because He lives,
Nathan and Christiana
Ava, Paton and John

Author: Nathan and Christiana Wells

Nathan and Christiana moved to Cambodia in January 2010. They are working in discipleship, resource development and training. Nathan is a graduate of the Master's Seminary. They have three children, Ava, Paton and John. You can give to their ministry by clicking here.

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