Greetings from Cambodia

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Greetings from Cambodia!!!! Dear Family and Friends, Life right now has never been so exciting. Andrea and I have finally arrived in Cambodia. Our last few weeks back in the states were so emotional, one minute we were busy packing and couldn’t wait to leave and then the next we were crying because we were leaving so many loved ones behind. As Christians we understand that temporary suffering is worth it for eternal happiness.

This new journey that we are on is so thrilling and a little scary too, but we both know that God has called us to the mission field. It has been three weeks since we arrived in Cambodia and we have hit the road running (dirt road)! Our last few weeks in the States were spent packing a few belongings and giving the rest of our stuff away. We were in the liquidation business but now we have been caught up in the accumulating end of things to set up our home. In one way shopping here is easy because instead of a 1,000 choices you only have around two or three choices on everything. There are no department stores here to purchase household goods. So we have been scouring the market places for all the basic things to set up our home. Setting up has taken a little longer than we anticipated, but it has been such a blessing to have a place to stay (with our partners, the Beck’s) while our house was getting set up. Cambodia is considered the poorest country in Asia, but nothing is cheap. We finally moved into our home on Thursday which brought us to the next phase of life here in Cambodia. All of the most basic and simple things of life that we took for granted back home are not so simple anymore. Drinking water, dish water, water to rinse food, bath water, bathing, cleaning, cooking, shopping for food/meat/veggies… so many decisions and so much to learn. Life is definitely an adventure here. The best way to describe Cambodia is like the Wild, Wild, West. There is a new language, culture, sites, smells, and driving! Traffic is like driving in a meteor shower or a video game of some sort. There are things coming at you from every possible direction. Nobody obeys the traffic laws because there are none, yet I somehow managed to get pulled over for making an illegal turn (the same turn that at least 50 Cambodian motorists made but were not stopped). The police officer told me to pay a $20 fine but when I handed him a $10 bill, he gladly accepted. I was informed afterward by a fellow missionary that the police officer would have gladly accepted $2. We have much to learn about this place, this group of people, and how to live among them. We are so excited about our life here in Cambodia and all that our Lord has for us. We are so thankful to the Lord Jesus that we are here and so thankful for all of you. Your prayers and sacrificial giving have made it possible for us to be here among the Khmer people. I thank my God in all my remembrance of you, always offering prayer with joy in my every prayer for you all, in view of your participation in the gospel from the first day until now. Phil 1:3-5 We covet your continued prayers and know that we are praying for all of you. We will be in touch soon but until then you can keep up with us on our web site: Our mailing address is: PO Box 1178 Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Our home phone is 855 023 885 340. For His Glory, BJ and Andrea Heb 12:1-2

BJ and Andrea Lopez

Author: BJ and Andrea Lopez

BJ and Andrea serve the Khmer people of Cambodia in southeast Asia. They are working to provide Biblical resources, training, and one-on-one discipleship to Cambodian believers for the purpose of making Christ known throughout the world. They have started a family style discipleship home called Mordecai’s Courage where they have taken in seven Cambodian children, Tabitha, Borei, Ponleu, Tola, Eat, Wejeka & Sarah. They recently took in two baby boys, Judah and Boaz.

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