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Hello Everyone, We want to share one of the many things our Great God is doing in Cambodia. We have a huge praise! Li, the girl that lives with us was baptized on Sunday! She has been going to church with us. She had asked for a Bible, so we got her one.

She did not know how to look things up so we showed her. She has been reading her Bible faithfully. We started looking up verses from the sermons and talking about them (in our limited Khmae). We are starting to learn the books of the Bible. We got a hold of a Bible study in Khmae to possibly do with her. The study was on our table for us to peruse, well, Li picked it up and started reading it and asked if we could go through it together! We had been talking to her about going to another church to see a baptism and visiting their orphanage in another province. She had said she wanted to go along whenever we went. Well, it worked out that we could attend last Sunday. So we told her last week that we would be going this Sunday. She said that she had seen a baptism once in her province but she herself had never been baptized. She said she would like to be baptized now that she is a believer in Jesus Christ! We talked to the Pastor, who also runs the language school we attend, and asked him about Li being baptized and if he could talk to her to see if this is indeed what she wanted and why. The Pastor spoke with her and said she professed to be a follower of Christ and knew that the baptism was not a vehicle to heaven but a profession of her faith in Christ alone. On Sunday, she gave her testimony along with 9 others and was then baptized. God is so good! He brings people to Himself and allows us to be front row participants in His plan of salvation. This is truly boasting in Christ because salvation is of the Lord alone. And in case there is any doubt about this, let me remind you that Li does not speak any English and we do not speak this language, yet. This is the work of the Lord and nothing we have done. What a Great God we have! Thanks for your prayers and participating with us in Cambodia. What a privilege we all have! Continue to pray that God would continue the work He started in Li and that she would continue to grow in Christ and bear fruit for eternity for His glory among the Khmae people. For His Glory, BJ and Andrea Heb 12:1-2

BJ and Andrea Lopez

Author: BJ and Andrea Lopez

BJ and Andrea serve the Khmer people of Cambodia in southeast Asia. They are working to provide Biblical resources, training, and one-on-one discipleship to Cambodian believers for the purpose of making Christ known throughout the world. They have started a family style discipleship home called Mordecai’s Courage where they have taken in seven Cambodian children, Tabitha, Borei, Ponleu, Tola, Eat, Wejeka & Sarah. They recently took in two baby boys, Judah and Boaz.

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