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Dear Partners in Ministry, Greetings from SE Asia! We wanted to give you a quick update on our family and the ministry here in Cambodia. Let me start by sharing some of our praises with you…..we pray that you’ll rejoice with us and give thanks for God’s provision! * Praise God the rains have started….and we have had uninterrupted power for over a week now!

Thank you to those who have been praying specifically for this blessing! * We continue to be blessed by the opportunity to learn Khmer! Every day brings something new, exciting…..and usually humorous! But our entire team continues to faithfully grind away. I found out, by experience, that there is a subtle yet distinct difference between the word for “village leader” and “transsexual”. Fortunately my language helper corrected my mistake instead of our local neighborhood leader! * BJ and I had the privilege of participating in the dedication of the Fount of Wisdom Publishing House this past past Thursday evening. This publishing house is the very first of its’ kind in Cambodia, with a primary mission of developing Biblical resources for pastors here in Cambodia. Guess where they are located??? Right across the hallway from our office!! We were marveling at God’s providence in allowing us to share office space with them at Shalom Church. I had lunch with the Executive Director, Steve Westergren, recently. It was so encouraging to hear of his vision for developing Biblical resources for the Khmer church, specifically with a focus on Pastors and lay leaders within the church. God is good! * Praise God for the ‘big problem’ that Shalom Church has had the past months….too many people and not enough seats. We praise God for the need to begin a second morning worship service, which begun two weeks ago. * We’re thankful that Nathan will be adding two additional young men to the Discipleship House, and two more are planning to come from one of Shalom’s sister churches in the northern part of the country. Nathan has also been used in a significant way with the Evangelical Fellowship of Cambodia Youth Commission. He recently took part in their national youth leadership camp and is currently writing several short devotionals that will be published later this year for the Youth Commission. * Praise God that BJ and Andrea’s two little girls, Borei and Heo continue to thrive in their home…to know where they have come from and to see where they are today is truly God’s grace at work! * Did we tell you that Mikaela and Kamryn successfully completed their respective grade levels in school? They had a great year and we continue to be blessed by Logos International School ( * Jodi has recently completed her training manual for a Vocational Training Program. Jodi has had a burden to develop a home based ministry that will combine a focus on Biblical discipleship and practical vocational training. She is looking forward to her first student in July! * Stacey Trapp continues to do well; it does not seem possible that she has been here five months already! She is doing great in the Intensive Discipleship Program with Andrea…..please let us know if anyone is interested in spending a year with our Action Cambodia Team for discipleship and practical missions/ministry exposure…..I’m sure that Stacey could share some of the things she has learned so far! * I spent the day with Chhinho this past week in a provincial city three hours away prayerfully considering a future church planting project for Shalom Church. I was in the midst of Khmer speakers the entire day, and I can tell you that it was a much more joyful experience than my typical classroom routine!!! It is always a blessing to share with you some of the things God is doing – thanks for allowing us to do that! We also covet your prayers and ask that you would continue to hold us before the Lord. You can pray for the following: Jodi’s pregnancy is in Week 12……but her fatigue and nausea has gotten worse. Pray for God’s sustaining grace and touch during these days. CJ has been diagnosed with an intestinal fungus and Giardia (a nasty parasite)….we’re thankful that we have a diagnosis and pray that the medication will begin to help – he is pretty miserable right now! Pray for the health of our entire team – it seems that everyone has had some kind of ‘bug’ of late Pray for Jeremy and Maria Chase – they are prayerfully planning on joining our team sometime in 2005/06. They both are finishing up graduate programs at Wheaton College and will begin the process of support raising in the coming months. We are praying to see God raise up additional teammates to work with us…..pray with us to this end (**** See last quote near the bottom of the page!) Pray for our continuing perseverance in language and culture study! Pray for the government of Cambodia – there were general elections 11 months ago but they still do not have a functional government We need God’s wisdom every day! The physical needs are overwhelming and the spiritual condition of the entire country is desperate Thanks for standing with us; we are blessed to minister in the name of Christ. What a privilege to serve together here in Cambodia! Perhaps you’ll allow me to leave you with a few quotes from faithful servants of the past….I pray that their words would both encourage and challenge us to press on in our journey with Christ! “How often do we attempt work for God to the limit of our incompetency rather than to the limit of God’s omnipotency.” Hudson Taylor “I am not tired of my work, neither am I tired of the world. Yet when Christ calls me home, I shall go with the gladness of a boy bounding away from his school.” Adonirum Judson “My soul longs to feel more of a pilgrim and stranger here below, that nothing may divert me from pressing through the lonely desert, till I arrive at my Father’s house.” David Brainerd “God’s supervision is so blessedly true that at any given moment…..whatever we may face we say ‘For this cause came I unto this hour.’” John Stam “In many cases what God wants is not a money contribution, but personal consecration to His service abroad; or the giving up of a son or a daughter – more precious than silver or gold – to His service….No amount of money can convert a single soul. What is needed is that men and women filled with the Holy Ghost should give themselves to the work.” Hudson Taylor In His Bonds, Daren II Cor 4:5 PS – Happy Father’s Day to all you Dads out there….may God strengthen us and give us the courage to be the men He has called us to be! “Be on the alert, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love.” I Corinthians 16:13-14.

Daren and Jodi Beck 

Author: Daren and Jodi Beck

Daren and Jodi currently serve with ACTION in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Previously Daren served for six years on staff as Missions Pastor at West Hill Community Church in Morgan Hill, California. They arrived in 2003 to serve long term in Cambodia, They are blessed by four children, Mikaela, Kamryn, CJ, and Andrew. They are are very excited about the privilege of serving the Khmer people in the name of Christ!

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