Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Cambodia!

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Dear WHCC Family,

We are a few hours away from taking Jodi to Bangkok, and we wanted to touch base with you before leaving!  This particular holiday season has blended together for our family, but we are NO less thankful for God’s provision, blessing and grace.  We are constantly reminded of your faithful prayers and support on our behalf – thank you!   We are very encouraged by the reports of how God continues to work through Faith Promise; it is exciting to be part of a church that is committed to both local and global mission!  


Let me give you a quick update in regards to our schedule the next month.   This will catch you up to date, and give you specifics to pray for:

    * Jodi will be in Bangkok beginning Friday, December 10th and will not return to Phnom Penh until after the baby is born and they are able to return (Lord willing mid January).
    * I will return to Bangkok with the kids (and my mom) on December 21st.  We will celebrate Christmas together and then we will return home before New Years Day.   Andrea Lopez will spend a few days with Jodi while I get the kids resettled in Phnom Penh and then I will go back for the birth the first week of January.
    * This represents our schedule….not the sovereign plan of God that we joyfully submit to!  Pray that God would prepare us for the myriad of ‘detours’ that might take us places we have not anticipated.
    * If you would like to write Jodi while she is in Thailand, you can e mail her at [email protected]

We covet your prayers as we anticipate the arrival of the precious gift that God has given us to compliment our three other children. But would you pray fervently as well for the countless little ones who will also be born in this part of the world who will only know dire circumstances and spiritual darkness???

While our ‘birth plan’ might be a little different than most that live in the West, we are so grateful for the opportunity to be ministers of the Gospel here in Cambodia.  At the heart of the Christmas story is the miraculous birth of Christ, His life, and His completed work.  Thank you again for your partnership with us in the ministry here amongst the Khmer.

Wishing you and your loved ones a blessed Holiday Season as we celebrate the centrality of Christ, the glory of God and His provision of salvation!

In His Bonds,

Daren, Jodi, Mikaela, Kamryn, and CJ

Hebrews 4:14-16

Daren and Jodi Beck 

Author: Daren and Jodi Beck

Daren and Jodi currently serve with ACTION in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Previously Daren served for six years on staff as Missions Pastor at West Hill Community Church in Morgan Hill, California. They arrived in 2003 to serve long term in Cambodia, They are blessed by four children, Mikaela, Kamryn, CJ, and Andrew. They are are very excited about the privilege of serving the Khmer people in the name of Christ!

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