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Greetings from Cambodia!  We have some wonderful news to share with you as you are a vital part of our ministry in Cambodia.  We are in the process of prayerfully investigating and considering a new addition to our growing home.  This is Sarah, she is 14 years old.  We have known Sarah for quite some time now.  She has been a part of our church family at Shalom  Church.

Sarah’s story is similar to the other children we have brought into our home for the glory of Christ.  Her father is unknown to her and her mother spends most of her days drunk and on the streets.  It is our desire to share with these precious ones of God the same love and compassion that Christ has shown us.  Out of our love, obedience, and desire to know Christ, we delight to share the love of Christ with her.


We are not super humans or super Christians, but are people who struggle daily with the same issues that you do.  This truly is not about us, the Lopez’s, but is about the His grace and mercy.

God has blessed us abundantly with His riches that are not of this world.  The Lord Jesus has also blessed us with you, an incredible prayer and support team, who faithfully stands with us sacrificially, prayerfully, and financially thus enabling us to liberally share and minister the blessings He has bestowed upon us.

Please pray for:

·       Wisdom as we seek His guidance re: Sarah and her living situation and that we would be open to His leading

·       May He be glorified in this situation and through it.

·       Continued knowledge and insight as we disciple and lead these children.




We have another prayer request.  This is Wa,

BJ’s barber of two years.  Over the last two years they have developed a friendship that we believe the Lord is using to make Himself known to Wa.  Every step of the way, BJ has had the opportunity to share what God has been doing in our lives since we arrived in Cambodia three years ago.  Caring for orphans in Cambodia is not popular work.  In fact, it is perceived as unsavory and unpleasant.  Wa was very intriguiged and puzzled as to why we would leave America to pick orphans off the street.  In November, BJ went in for his monthly hair cut to find Wa concerned for his sick wife.  The following month his wife was dead, leaving behind four children between the ages of 2 and 16.  Wa didn’t have any idea how and what his wife died of.


Before BJ left for the States, he went in for his hair cut but Wa wasn’t there.  The day BJ left for the States he received a  call from Wa who said he was very sick in a hospital in the province and asked BJ if he could bring him some food as he had nothing to eat (hospitals in Cambodia do not provide food or daily care).  When BJ returned he met up with Wa and was shocked at what he saw!  Two months earlier, Wa was a strong, young, athletic looking man.  He had lost 40 lbs in 2 months….Wa has AIDS.


Our Lord Jesus is faithful beyond anything we can truly understand.  Wa prayed to receive the Savior Jesus Christ as Lord last week.  We are rejoicing and in complete awe of Christ and how He has worked all of this together and how He will continue to glorify Himself in this situation.


Please continue to pray for Wa:

·       spiritual growth and endurance in Christ as he suffers through this illness

·       for his healing and physical strength

·       that he would be a trophy and witness of the grace of Christ for his family and other patients

·       for his children, their safety, care, and comfort

·       please pray that the Lord of the Harvest would raise up a family to share the love of Christ to these precious children


To God be the glory,


BJ and Andrea Lopez

Hebrews 12:1-2

Author: BJ and Andrea Lopez

BJ and Andrea serve the Khmer people of Cambodia in southeast Asia. They are working to provide Biblical resources, training, and one-on-one discipleship to Cambodian believers for the purpose of making Christ known throughout the world. They have started a family style discipleship home called Mordecai’s Courage where they have taken in seven Cambodian children, Tabitha, Borei, Ponleu, Tola, Eat, Wejeka & Sarah. They recently took in two baby boys, Judah and Boaz.

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