Camp time again!

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I wanted to write and ask for you to be praying this week as BJ and I head down to the beach with Shalom Church (not just Phnom Penh, but also the churches from the provinces as well) for their second annual youth camp. BJ and I will be doing some workshops with the youth (BJ on servanthood and myself on discipleship) on Wednesday and Thursday. Pray that our teaching would be clear and understandable and that God will use it in the lives of the youth in attendance – to bring them closer to Him.

This summer we hired one new part-time translator and four highschool
interns to work with BJ and I on translation.  About half the day they
spend in training (learning how to type Khmer on a computer, studying
translation work that has already been done by others etc.) and the
second half in practical application – actually working on some of the
translation projects that we have going on.  They have all been working
hard and we had our first semi-completed project today – the first
chapter of “True Discipleship” by William MacDonald for the
discipleship workshop at the camp this week – giving each student a
free copy with a study guide in the back.  It’s a small start, but a
great learning experience for everyone involved.  It is good to be able
to be involved in their training and to learn along with them as we
work to bring quality translated God centered books to the people of

Thank you for your continued prayers and support of the ministry here,

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