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I just wanted to thank you for praying that the new Khmer Bibles would
be allowed out of port – they have arrived!  Praise God!

The new Bible came shipped with the two older versions as well, so now
there are plenty of Bibles for those who want them.

The new version is called the Khmer Standard Version – it is basically
an edit of the Khmer Common Language Bible.  From what I have read so
far, I would be much more apt to recommend this version to a new
believer (I did not feel good about recommending the Khmer Common
Language Bible to anyone) because many of the major errors have been
fixed.  It still is on the level of a paraphrase, but I believe,
especially for new believers, that it is a major improvement over the
Common Language Bible.

There still has not been a revision of the Old Khmer Bible, so that
leaves Cambodia having a total of three translations.

Thank you again for your prayers about this – Praise God the Bibles
came through!

Because He lives,

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