The Past Two Days

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On Saturday, PG, who stayed with me at the discipleship house over 2
years ago, got married!  It was great to be able to see him again after
not seeing him for so long while he was studying in the States.  And
such a blessing to be able to be
here for his special day!  He and his new bride will be living here in
Phnom Penh for a while.  Please remember to keep both of them in
your prayers, that God will truly use them for His kingdom here in

Also, yesterday (Sunday here) the new Shalom Toul Kork worship band
played for the first
time in our English service – they did a great job, especially
considering that most of them did not know their instrument before
joining the band.  It is good to be able to sing and lead others in
praise to God together with them.  I am going to be
passing on the baton pretty soon when I head to the States for school,
so it is exciting to be able to train and play with them in preparation.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support – God is faithful and

Grace be with all of you,

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