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First off I want to thank all of you for your continued prayer and support while I enter this time of ministry preparation.  It has been amazing to see God’s hand at work in orchestrating all the little details in my coming to the Master’s Seminary – He is faithful!

The last couple of weeks have been hard – being away from Cambodia, my team, my friends and the ministry there, it is hard to know that I will be here at school for the next three years.  At the same time it has been overwhelming to see the amazing opportunity that God has granted me in being able to be here at the seminary and be under the teaching and influence of so many godly men.  To meet with a professor and then at the end have him ask if he could pray for me – I don’t even have the words – it is good to be in such fellowship.

There is a Thai Buddhist temple down the block from the school that I drive by every day I go to class – and while it’s not Cambodia, it serves as a wonderful reminder of why I am here and keeps me ready to learn and prepare for the future.  God is good!

I would like to request your prayer for the following:

* Continued strength for the Action Cambodia team in Cambodia.

* That this upcoming school year will go well for Chanthea, Sophanna, Rithy and Sayon who are currently living at Shalom.

* That the now interim pastor at Shalom, Sopheak, will grow in grace as he leads the church.

* That I will be prepared for this weeks exams and papers that are due (this is the first round of exams).

* That God will raise up more workers for the harvest in Cambodia.

* That God will provide good, Christ centered friendships for me while I am here.

* That God will continue to provide the funds needed for my time at seminary.

* That missions month at West Valley will spur on many to look to serve the Lord in world missions.

Thank you again for your prayers and for your financial support – I am grateful, and humbled by all that God has done through so many of you.

May the Lord bless you and keep you until that day,



Here’s a picture of me at Seminary – there is a dress code, but I appreciate it because wearing the jacket keeps me warm (I would freeze in some of those air-con rooms!).



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