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Beth Update

Summer break is going well and the three girls heading to the US for college got their F-1 sudent visas for three consecutive Tuesdays from June 8, respectively.  All three of them have the same comment about the guy who’s assigned to interview the foreign students. They said he’s ‘cute and nice’, but is already married! Guess he was nice indeed as they all got their visas without any hassle at all. I would say it is God giving His favor.

Securing the visa is one of the major requests at this point. Thank you all for praying with us, God answered our prayers indeed, but that doesn’t mean that it’s over. We are continually praying as they soon transition to another phase of life and all the details that entails this. The neat thing about how this is all working outt though is the way the siblings are put together. Socheatha who is already at Liberty University, will be joined by her younger sister, Marena. Rena will be joining Borah at The Master’s College, while Fanny will follow Lydia to where is studying in India, and Elizabeth will be heading to Moody Bible Institute and Tirua is already there. It is really amazing how God already orchestrated this to take place. What a sovereign God we serve!

Meanwhile, Anna is traveling tonight (Monday) and she’s arriving tomorrow after having left for few weeks to the Philippines for medical reasons. It’s good that she was able to go to get herself checked there. Again, I am thankful that there were available women who helped us out during her absence. Everything worked out even during the time that I myself have to also take a few days off for medical check-up in Thailand.

The girls are all working during the summer except Samedi and Pahnette, but they are also taking summer classes at Logos. At the same time, the 4 girls are almost done with their shopping spree changing their wardrobe,  getting ready for the shift to their new environment and in their journey to yet another chapter in their lives.  They are set to leave the last week of July, which means we barely have a month with them here. Their departure will cause a tremendous change in the living situation here at House of Faith, because there will only be 5 girls left under our care.

As for me, I still continue to have my share of trials concerning my family and they’re mostly medical related problems and that includes myself too.  I guess I haven’t been a good steward of my body, and I lacked self-discipline that causes some health issues likewise. If I can be on a better diet and some exercise, the doctor won’t even have the need to remind or recommend it.

The week of the VBS, I felt a deep sense of inadequacy as I was really unprepared and by the grace of God I made it through with the team that I worked with. That feeling turned to a sense of just yielding to God and allowing Him to work in and through me.  I felt more drawn to God during that week and I was the first who benefitted from the lessons being taught during that week.  I was reminded of God’s attributes and experience it afresh everyday.  God’s steadfast love, faithfulness and mercy are indeed new every morning. God’s promise that He is with us and never leaves u , He cares for us, He does what He says…. because He is Almighty God. And you know what, this too is a result of your faithfulness in interceding on my/our behalf.

I can’t name you all, but I want to thank you for your commitment in your partnership with me. You’ve all been a source of blessing and encouragement to me over the years. May God’s blessings be returned to you a hundredfold!

Thank you for your partnership,


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Andrew and Lillybeth Steeples serve alongside Asian Hope which works to shape compassionate, equipped Christian leaders from Cambodia's vulnerable children.

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