Cambodian Harvest July-Aug 2012

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It’s been a busy couple of months! In June, we had a team from the Master’s College come out and serve for five weeks. They traveled to quite a few places in Cambodia and I joined them, along with my teammate BJ Lopez, in Preah Vihear (northern Cambodia) to minister with Pastor Somul’s church (He is a church planter with the Shalom Network and has participated in the pastor trainings here in Phnom Penh.). It was great to be able to visit his church and an encouragement to see his ministry first-hand.
Four Asian Hope orphange boys who I first met in 2003, have returned to Cambodia after completing college. One of them, Bora Chheang, graduated from the Master’s College with a degree in Biblical Languages and is now working with me on the translation staff at ACTION Cambodia. It is wonderful to have all of them back, and we are excited for the future the Lord has for them. We also said goodbye to two Asian Hope boys, Krumm and Veassna as they attend college in the U.S. We’ll miss you guys!
I continue to work with our translation team on Design for Discipleship, Fifty Reasons Why Jesus Came to Die, True Discipleship, and Fundamentals of the Faith. We have also had the opportunity to share some of our translation tools with other Christian Publishers in Cambodia, and pray that God would use them to increase the quality of Christian books in Cambodia for His glory.

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Author: Nathan and Christiana Wells

Nathan and Christiana served in Cambodia from 2008-2016. Currently they live in Idaho where Nathan continues to work remotely with the ACTION translation team. Nathan is a graduate of the Master's Seminary. They have three children, Ava, Paton and John. You can give to their ministry by clicking here.

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