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We have now been in the United States for one complete year. This is the longest that we’ve ever lived in this country as a family, and by God’s grace, it has truly been a time of healing and restoration. We fully realize that this past year in the States would not have been possible without the generous and faithful support from all of you, and we are truly overwhelmed by the love that has been poured out on us, whether in financial support, prayers, or providing our practical needs.

We originally returned to the U.S. a year ago, because our family was in an unhealthy place and we felt that removing ourselves from the external stressors of life in Cambodia would enable us to focus on healing. In May 2016, Christiana experienced a stroke-like incident that resulted in a dramatic decrease in her ability to handle stress. Simultaneously, we had entered a more difficult season of ministry, which impacted all of us.

Through the advice of our church and our missions agency, we returned to the U.S. with the goal of pursuing answers regarding Christiana’s health, as well as focusing on overall healing for our entire family. During this year, we have been able to pursue counseling and medical advice, and all of us, especially Christiana, have greatly improved since when we arrived one year ago. In December, Paton’s tonsils and adenoids were removed and he has not experienced a febrile seizure since then. And though John still has the same itchy rash that he contracted in Cambodia last May, doctors feel that it is viral-related and that his body will eventually heal on its own. We have seen many answers to prayer regarding our family’s health, and we are so thankful for all of you who have been so diligently praying on our behalf.

What’s the next step for the Wells Family? While there has been much improvement, we have come to the conclusion that we are not ready to return to Cambodia, but that we will continue our Cambodian translation remotely from the United States. The Lord has graciously opened an opportunity for us to live in Moscow, Idaho, where we have close friends and family. Our plan now is to make a two-year commitment to continue our ministry remotely, with trips to Cambodia as needed. Our prayer is that during these two years the Lord will grant complete healing and also enable us to continue producing Christ-centered resources for the Cambodian Church.

This past year, Nathan has been working remotely with the Action Cambodia team producing biblical resources in the Khmer language. The Cambodian Christian blog ( that was launched just over two years ago, has become incredibly popular and is on track to have 120,000 visitors this year alone. We are also excited to announce that The Jesus Storybook Bible has been completed and will soon be published. So many of you gave generously to this project and we are looking forward to how God will use it to minister to children and families in Cambodia. Additionally, the first Bible atlas in the Khmer language is almost ready for publishing. Working remotely this year has enabled Nathan to be even more productive than years past and we are excited to produce many additional resources in the coming years.

We will return to Cambodia for the month of August to make arrangements for our transition back to the U.S., and then move to Idaho in early September.

We’d greatly appreciate your prayers and continued support as we enter this new and exciting chapter in our ministry, as co-laborers together for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Because He lives,
Nathan and Christiana

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Author: Nathan and Christiana Wells

Nathan and Christiana served in Cambodia from 2008-2016. Currently they live in Idaho where Nathan continues to work remotely with the ACTION translation team. Nathan is a graduate of the Master's Seminary. They have three children, Ava, Paton and John. You can give to their ministry by clicking here.

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