We believe in Christ-exalting, God-centered and Scripture-saturated ministry, in and through the local church. The Action Cambodia team operates on a “church-based” ministry model.  By “church-based”, we mean ministries which are carried out under the supervision and authority of a local church. This necessitates that the church must have the vision for a particular ministry, and feel responsible before the Lord for undertaking and maintaining it. While the Lord may provide additional resources from elsewhere, the local church is the driving force in the ministry and is committed to its continuance, with or without assistance.  We believe this approach is most consistent with Scripture, and is therefore God’s design for building His church in Cambodia. It is the most effective means for transferring resources from churches in the West without setting up ministries that are destined to fail the moment the “missionaries” leave.


Action Cambodia’s commitment to local church ministry practically flows out in all our ministries, and specifically in the following ways:


Shalom Mission to Cambodia

Action Cambodia’s focus on local church ministry is primarily lived out as we come alongside Shalom Mission to Cambodia (SMTC) and support their vision of seeing a local church established in every province in Cambodia.  Currently our team is actively involved in helping to support existing pastors, training up leaders within SMTC, and shepherding a local SMTC fellowship. In addition our translation ministry is actively involved in providing vital biblical resources for SMTC and other local churches.

Shalom Phnom Penh Tmei

Shalom Phnom Penh Tmei is an English speaking church under the umbrella of Shalom Mission to Cambodia that is led by Daren Beck and BJ Lopez.  The church is a mixture of Cambodians and Foreigners, many of whom work at or attend Logos International School.