Imagine if you had no books.  No commentaries, no theological works.  As Christians we are impacted by books in a very large way.  But in Cambodia, God-centered books are virtually non-existent in the Khmer language.  At Action Cambodia, we desire to see God-centered, God-glorifying books translated into the Khmer language so that pastors as well as lay people can benefit from teachers of the past as well as the present.  The Apostle Paul wrote to Timothy, “When you come bring…the books” (2 Tim. 4:13).  And just as Paul put a high priority on his books, we desire that Cambodia would have the opportunity and privilege to benefit, as we have, from biblical resources in their own language, written by the pillars of the faith throughout the centuries.

Action Cambodia has translated such works as Fundamentals of the Faith, John Piper’s Fifty Reasons Why Jesus Came to Die, True Discipleship, by William MacDonald, What Is a Healthy Church? by Mark Dever and the eight book series Design for Discipleship by the Navigators.

Action Cambodia has also developed a viable spelling checker for the Khmer language and is currently developing a Khmer grammar checker, so that the resources we produce, as well as other Christians, will be the highest possible quality as a testimony to those outside Christ, that we do all things as unto Him.

We need your help! Would you consider partnering with us in these translation projects? No gift is too small!

You can participate in providing God-centered resources to our brothers and sisters in Cambodia in the following ways:

Ongoing Needs:

$1,000 monthly for translation staff.

Current Printing Needs:

Currently our team is translating, Attributes of God by A.W. Pink, Confessions by Augustine and The New City Catechism.
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You can help sponsor these projects by donating to our translation fund:

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ACTION Cambodia also runs three resource websites for the Khmer language: – translated as “True Way” this blog was launched to fill the void of social media driven Christian content. It is a combination of original articles in Khmer written by our missionaries and local Khmer pastors as well as translated works from sites, such as The Gospel Coalition, Tim Challies, Desiring God, Adam4D, and The Cripple Gate.

Cambodian Christian Resources – A website dedicated to archiving Khmer Christian books, sermons, videos, audio Bibles and presenting them in an easy to access format, “for the building up of the Body of Christ…to the measure of the full maturity of Christ.”

The Society for Better Books in Cambodia – A website with Khmer resources for translators as well as the general publish.