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Nathan’s News vol. 8

It has been a few months now since BJ and I traveled to India and Sri Lanka following the tsunami disaster, and I wanted to give you a short update on what things have been occurring since our assessment trip until now. The following update is from brother Anesh who is currently working with one…

Cambodian Action vol. 9

Life with four small children is anything but dull . . . every day brings something new and some days are “happier” than others. But that is true for everyone, isn’t it? In the past few months we have walked through a variety of circumstances with our Cambodian church, staff and friends. We consider it…

Lopez Cambodian Update

Greetings Family & Friends, We just wanted to give you all a quick update in the ministry that we labor together in for the glory of GOD! We hope you are encouraged in the Lord!

Shalom Baptisms 2005

Hello Everyone, pic(center) This past Thursday was the second annual baptisms for Shalom Church (the church that my team and I attend). Four of the new guys from the house (Ratha, Rithy, Chanthea, and Dy – I will write more about their stories in future e-mails) were baptized along with 17 other people.

Cambodian Action vol. 8

Everyone wants to have a meaningful life, right? We all want to look back on the time that God has given us here on earth and be able to measure the things we have accomplished. In part, this is a God given responsibility. In Colossians 3:17 we are instructed “Whatever you do in word or…

Cambodian Connection vol. 4

Most of our attention and focus has been spent on language and cultural study. In the midst of learning a new language we have been given countless ministry opportunities. We have learned that we must be diligent in our learning because it is vital that Cambodian Christians hear the Gospel and have solid biblical resources…

Continue to Pray for Cambodia

Dear Friends at WHCC, A few weeks ago we requested you to pray specifically for the families of two young ladies that were killed in a traffic accident. We want to thank you for praying and wanted to give you a brief update. 

Continue to Pray for Cambodia

Dear WHCC Family, Thank you for praying for us and for Cambodia! I am giving you a link to a story from CNN that commemorates the 30th anniversary of the Khmer Rouge “victory” which marked the beginning of a period in time known as The Killing Fields.

Post Youth Camp 2005

Camp is over – what a week! It was physically and mentally taxing week (speaking in Khmer, teaching in Khmer, lifeguard duty, having fun, playing games, plus not getting too much sleep tends to wear me out a little), but seeing so many youth come together brought so much hope and joy to my heart…

Youth Camp 2005

I wanted to request that you be especially praying this next week (Monday through Saturday) for all the youth that will be attending the annual Evangelical Fellowship of Cambodia Youth Commission Youth Leaders Camp (EFCYC Youth Leaders Camp). Pray that God will be at work in the hearts of the students, that they would be…