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Cambodian Action vol. 1

Thank you so much for your prayers on our behalf! We just completed five weeks of pre field classes at Mission Training International in Colorado Springs, CO. Jodi did well despite being eight months pregnant, and the girls had a wonderful time in their respective classes…  Read more…

Nathan’s News vol. 1

Wow, have things been changing in my life! This past spring I was headed to San Jose State to finish up my college education and receive a BA in Graphic Design. But, through the working of the Holy Spirit in my life, God has directed me to another place. I am writing to you so…

Cambodian Connection vol. 1

In a recent survey the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) ranked the world’s best cities for expatriates to live. The aim of the survey was to establish the best cities for foreign business people to live based on 12 factors grouped in three categories.  Read more…

Action Cambodia

Good morning, trust everyone is well! This past Sunday was my last official day on staff at SVCC. Today we have transitioned to full time missionary status!! We covet your prayers and please know that we continue to pray for you and the work God has entrusted you with in His kingdom.

First Hello

Sorry it has taken so long for me to write all of you! I just got my computer hooked up to the internet today (a few minutes ago) so now I have all your addresses.