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Action Cambodia Prayer Requests

Dear Action Cambodia Team, Many of you probably know that there was a bomb blast in the Philippines at the Davao airport two days ago, the result of a terrorists attack on the island of Mindanao. There was an American missionary killed in the attack, giving his life for the cause of Christ after twenty…

Departing for Cambodia….All Aboard

If you have traveled you know that “jet lag” is a reality….I have recently discovered that the best way to overcome it is by having a four month old in the house! At least our four month old little CJ, who is the most congenial little guy you’ve ever scene while the sun is up,…

Action Cambodia -Departure

We pray that you had a wonderful Christmas, and are looking forward to many blessings in 2003! I write this note, sitting in the midst of boxes, roles of packing tape, and quite a few items that have not found their way to a box!

Action Cambodia Update

We would like to wish you a blessed Christmas season on behalf of our entire family! This time of year is truly a celebration for followers of Christ as we rejoice in the Good News of Jesus’ birth and the hope He brings.

Prayer Request

Hello friends, sorry for the hurried note but wanted to request prayer for a significant support development for us and our team….. BJ and I are postponing our set up trip to Cambodia this weekend…..the leadership of SVCC notified us this week that our support will be cut significantly due to a projected shortfall in…

Cambodian Action vol. 1

Thank you so much for your prayers on our behalf! We just completed five weeks of pre field classes at Mission Training International in Colorado Springs, CO. Jodi did well despite being eight months pregnant, and the girls had a wonderful time in their respective classes…  Read more…

Action Cambodia

Good morning, trust everyone is well! This past Sunday was my last official day on staff at SVCC. Today we have transitioned to full time missionary status!! We covet your prayers and please know that we continue to pray for you and the work God has entrusted you with in His kingdom.