Updates from the Wells Family

Baptisms and Camp!

It’s been a long day (the best kind!) – I just returned from the first baptisms held by Shalom Church (the Khmer church that my team and I attend). Three of the guys from the discipleship house were baptized, Set, Sophanna, and Bun Hak. It was a great time.

Thanksgiving and the province

Thanksgiving is a day in America where we give thanks to God for food and for everything that He has provided and remember the Pilgrims and the Indians. In Cambodia there is no such day, but that does not prevent one from thanking God. Even though thanksgiving is an “American” holiday some of the guys…

Campochea so se day (Hello from Cambodia)

Cambodia is in the middle of “cold” season. I wouldn’t quite call it cold, but it’s getting close! After being here for a little over 8 months, at times it’s a little hard to know what to say, in many ways life is normal and repetitive (at least during Mon-Fri),

Nathan’s News vol. 4

Ever since I arrived in Cambodia I have seen many Cambodian youth who believe in Jesus Christ, but have no ability to study His word. In many of my first outings with Khmer youth (that could speak some English) whenever I would change the subject to spiritual things all eyes would be on me, longing…

Beach Camp

I just got back from a camping in Cambodia! There is a holiday (work break, school break) connected with the Pchum Ben, festival that I talked about in my last e-mail and so we (some of the guys from the house, Set, Bun Hak, and Sophanna) and a few others (Long De, Ehood, Hun and…

Ancestors and Pchum Ben

September 10th was the beginning of a 15 day festival here in Cambodia called Pchum Ben. Many Cambodians believe that when a person dies they are not immediately re-incarnated but go to a kind of purgatory or paradise.

News from the House

Wow! What an amazing few past weeks these have been! As a house (the discipleship house) we have started our Bible study through the book of Matthew (we meet 3 times a week for a 45 minute study). So far God has blessed our study, and He has enabled me to communicate clearly His word.

Pray for Cambodia

Cambodia is coming up on elections. This Sunday (Saturday if you are in the States) everyone will cast their vote on who they want to be the next prime minister. Please pray that throughout this time God will allow the elections to run smoothly and that regardless of the outcome, there will continue to be…

Nathan’s Update

I wanted to share with you a great opportunity that is starting to take form in my life over here in Cambodia. In my short time here I have noticed that many of the Christian youth here in Phnom Penh don’t know how to study the Bible. Many times when I would go out with…

Nathan’s News vol. 3

I have been asked many, many times, So, are you homesick yet? What do you miss the most� And the answer is yes, of course I miss my family and my friends, and yes, I miss some of the comforts of living in America, but those things, when compared to the joy of following Christ’s…